Pet Wellness Exams for a Healthy, Happy Pet

Regular pet wellness exams are perhaps the most important part of your pet’s health care routine. Regardless of whether your pet is young or old, wellness examinations allow our veterinarians to develop a thorough health profile for your pet. From there, we can utilize the best preventive care treatments and address any illnesses or health issues early on.

Ultimately, we want the best quality of life for your animal companion. Regular wellness exams help us make this possible.

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What to Expect

During your pet’s extensive wellness examination, a member of our skilled team will evaluate all of the major organ systems to make sure no health problems exist. We will also take this time to ask you about your pet’s behavior, appetite, exercise habits and regular activities, as well as any changes you’ve noticed. We will discuss whether your pet requires any diagnostic testing or vaccinations, and will move forward with a plan of action that best benefits your pet’s needs.

It is during these exams that our veterinary staff will continue to build on a relationship with you and your pet. We will get to know your pet’s lifestyle, personality, health, and other vital information so we can address his or her unique needs and establish a lasting friendship.



Nutritional Counseling

These wellness exams are also a great time to take an in-depth look at your pet’s diet and nutrition. Nutrition plays an important role in your cat or dog’s overall health, so it’s important to know how to properly feed them.

We are here to help address your companion animal's individualized dietary needs. Whether your pet needs to shed a few pounds, gain a few pounds, or go on a formulated diet, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to meet goals and keep your pet in good health.

As your pet ages or goes through physical change, his or her diet will also change. We can counsel you through life’s many stages, such as growth, pregnancy, nursing, and the “golden years” so that you are feeding your canine or feline friend all the nutrients and vitamins they need to remain happy and strong.

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Parasite Prevention

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Additionally, we will address any need for flea and tick control and vaccinations when you bring your pet in for an exam. In order to prevent harmful organisms from making a home in your pet’s fur or body, we will perform thorough testing to ensure that your pet is free of fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other intestinal parasites.

Even if no parasites are found, we will provide you with preventive control methods and medications, and will inform you of what to do in case your pet has parasites down the road. If parasites are found, we will prescribe medications to get rid of them and will work to protect your other pets and your family.



Vaccinations for a Long Life

Vaccines are some of the best ways to protect your animal companion from deadly disease. This is why it is extremely important to keep your pets up-to-date on all of their vaccinations.

We will administer core vaccines that are recommended for all pets, and will recommend other vaccines depending on whether or not your pet is at risk. We don’t want to over-vaccinate your pet, so we will customize a vaccination program that best suits your pet’s unique needs. Accounting for your pet’s lifestyle, age, overall health, and risk for exposure, our knowledgeable veterinary staff will come up with an optimal vaccination schedule.

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For puppies and kittens, we recommend starting vaccinations at 6 to 8 weeks of age for a series of three to four vaccines at 3- to 4-week intervals. After these initial vaccines, your pet should be boosted in 1 year. Most core vaccines are considered protective for two to three years.

At Companion Animal Clinic, we are dedicated to your pet’s wellness and happiness. When you bring your pet in for a wellness exam with us, you can rest assured that he or she will receive the best, most thorough care around. Contact us today to schedule a checkup for your beloved animal companion.

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