Managing Your
Pet’s Pain

At the very heart of quality, compassionate veterinary care is pain management. Companion Animal Clinic strives to quickly identify and alleviate pain for all of our wonderful pet patients. When your pet is in pain, it can lead to additional physical and psychological issues. In order to protect your pet’s well-being and physical functioning, we take pain management very seriously.

When we treat your pet’s medical conditions, pain management will be one of our primary considerations. Our expert team will provide safe and effective pain management for every animal, whether they have pain from routine procedures, like spays or dental cleanings, or from chronically painful conditions, like arthritis. We will also go over potential signs of pain so you can identify changes at home.

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Our Fully Stocked Pharmacy

Companion Animal Clinic Staff analyzing blood sample

Oftentimes, we will use medications as a part of our pet patients’ pain management plan. Our fully stocked pharmacy is an excellent resource for you to use to pick up all of your pet’s medications in one convenient location. In addition to the latest and greatest pain management medications, our pharmacy is stocked with a huge inventory of veterinary pharmaceutical products, including flea, tick, and heartworm preventives.

All of our pharmacy’s medications come from trusted, reliable resources and are stored in optimal conditions. Our highly trained staff handle our pet patients’ prescriptions with care, paying close attention to every individual detail. We will provide you with proper dosage information and will warn you about potential side effects.

To get the best value and service for your money, our pharmacy is the one of the best options available. Our high-quality products, knowledge, and compassion will make managing your pet’s pain simple and effective. Call us for your next refill or if you have any questions about your pet’s medication.

See what our customers have to say!

  • “You are so gentle and kind, and truly the best vet we have ever had.”
    Joan E.

  • “These folks always make me feel like they are my personal friends, but, most of all, they care 10 times more for my pets. Dr. Whitmore actually got on the floor to greet and examine my Macie.”
    Marijane B.

  • “I have been taking my dogs to these folks since 1986. I go back because everyone there is so compassionate and caring. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.”
    Marijane B.

  • “Dr Whitmore is one of the most compassionate veterinarians I have ever known. She cares tremendously about our beloved pets AND their owners.”
    Jessica N.

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