Experts in Veterinary Internal Medicine

Despite our expert preventive care services, your animal companion can still become sick. Companion Animal Clinic’s compassionate team of veterinarians is here to diagnose and treat your beloved pet’s internal medicine problems.

We are trained to detect symptoms of kidney, heart, lung, endocrine, and immune-mediated diseases and will inform you of our findings and recommendations every step of the way. We will refer you to specialists when necessary in an attempt to provide the best for your pet.

We understand how stressful it can be to have a sick pet. Using the best diagnostic technology and testing, we will restore your pet’s good health efficiently and effectively.

Cat being examined at Companion Animal Clinic


Veterinary Endocrinology

Your pet’s endocrine system is where hormones are produced. These hormones control specific functions, such as body temperature, appetite, development, and reproduction. All of these functions are vital to your pet’s well-being, which is why we take special care monitoring the endocrine system.

It’s especially important to look for symptoms of endocrine disease in older pets. Thyroid and adrenal disease are common in senior pets, with characteristic symptoms like weight and hair loss, over-eating and rapid heartbeat.

Using our topnotch diagnostic services we will perform hormone and blood testing to examine your pet’s hormone levels and organ function, and to detect issues early on.



Veterinary Cardiology and ECGs

american staffordshire terrier

Like with humans, a strong heart is essential to optimal health. We will perform noninvasive electrocardiograms (ECGs) to diagnose your dog or cat’s heart problems. These electrocardiograms allow us to gain a better understanding of your pet’s specific heart issues so we can move forward with the best possible treatment options. In the case of abnormal ECG results, we will take measures to correct the arrhythmia if it poses a threat to your cat or dog’s health.

Your pet’s internal health is extremely important to us. During your pet’s regular wellness exams at Companion Animal Clinic, we will check for any signs that your pet is suffering from an internal ailment or condition. Schedule an exam with us today so we can make preventive care a part of your pet’s health care routine.

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  • “You are so gentle and kind, and truly the best vet we have ever had.”
    Joan E.

  • “These folks always make me feel like they are my personal friends, but, most of all, they care 10 times more for my pets. Dr. Whitmore actually got on the floor to greet and examine my Macie.”
    Marijane B.

  • “I have been taking my dogs to these folks since 1986. I go back because everyone there is so compassionate and caring. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.”
    Marijane B.

  • “Dr Whitmore is one of the most compassionate veterinarians I have ever known. She cares tremendously about our beloved pets AND their owners.”
    Jessica N.

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