Thorough, and Accurate Testing

Veterinary Diagnostics

Veterinarians examining tissue samples through microscope

Companion Animal Clinic uses technology and diagnostic testing procedures so that we can detect and treat illnesses early on.

Our full-service, in-house diagnostic lab allows us to test your pet’s blood, chemistry profiles, electrolytes, urine, feces, and cells.

From there, our laboratory specialists can analyze your pet’s internal organs and functions, and make any necessary recommendations.

Ultimately, diagnostic lab testing is an essential part of your pet’s health and wellness. Diagnostic testing provides us with important information about your pet’s systemic health, allowing us to take quick and accurate action when necessary. Our in-house lab allows for speedy results during emergency or critical care situations.



Veterinary Radiology

Radiology is also included in our noninvasive veterinary diagnostic techniques. Our radiology equipment allows us to examine your pet’s bones, heart, lungs, stomach, oral cavity and other vital parts of the body. These veterinary X-rays are ideal for the following:

  • Identifying fractured bones
  • Detecting tumors
  • Diagnosing heartworm disease
  • Locating an obstruction or foreign body

Our skilled staff will use these X-rays to diagnose problems and apply the best treatment. When needed, we will refer you to other local veterinary specialists to assess internal issues. We want your pet to receive the most accurate, effective care, which is why a second opinion is sometimes necessary.

Veterinarians taking x-rays of a dog


Critical Care

Unfortunately, emergencies, accidents and illnesses are an inevitable part of life. At Companion Animal Clinic, we are prepared to handle your critical care needs. Our daytime clinic welcomes you if your pet needs emergency care. For overnight cases, we will refer you to a top veterinary specialist in the area.

We will use extensive, noninvasive methods to pinpoint the issue and treat it right away. If more specialized emergency care is needed after further examination, we can easily send our diagnostic testing results wherever your pet goes.

Our veterinary staff understands that critical and emergency care situations are scary. We will do everything in our power to help your pet and get him or her back home to you. Call us immediately if your pet is showing any signs of illness or injury.

Dr. Susan Diagnosing dog

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  • “You are so gentle and kind, and truly the best vet we have ever had.”
    Joan E.

  • “These folks always make me feel like they are my personal friends, but, most of all, they care 10 times more for my pets. Dr. Whitmore actually got on the floor to greet and examine my Macie.”
    Marijane B.

  • “I have been taking my dogs to these folks since 1986. I go back because everyone there is so compassionate and caring. I cannot imagine going anywhere else.”
    Marijane B.

  • “Dr Whitmore is one of the most compassionate veterinarians I have ever known. She cares tremendously about our beloved pets AND their owners.”
    Jessica N.

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